Alper's daily outfit.

Alper a common name given to turkish men. But my gentlementlemen we are not here to talk about that kind of Alper. We are here to talk about Alper, the one we know on steam. The 3 year old fag who is a super retard. He is also an abusive retarded admin, who blames others for his evil deeds. Problems circulating around Alper because of a good chap who got the Alper-tard in trouble is the chap's fault. Even tho Alper-tard could of avoided them. Why? This is cause it is Alper logic. Alper logic is a new religion we should all follow. For example: You decide to stab someone but no one could tell it was you but a witness. The witness tells on you. You go to jail. But no that is wrong. The witness should go to jail because it is Alperism. That is the law. We should all follow it because it has nice logicz 2 et and u be a very smurt purzon wen u f0llowez the alperizm. Be wary tho. He has a super power. He can threaten you over the internet. So bad-ass.