Pvt.Swag is cool just look at this picture.

Pvt.Swag a 13 year old kid on steam who thinks he is very cool. But he is really not. He also has communist symbols in his name which adds to his badassery. Don't fuck with him or he will get internet gangster on your ass and make you cry. He might also be fascist. He might have powers from his his very favorite gay anime ever. His favorite characters name is Kakka Karrot Kake. His second characters favorite name is virginia. Please add to his bad assness. Also his colon is not rotting.


This very gay anime features epic fights that last like a whole 1 second. Perfect grammar, and a very ground breaking story. Everyone who watches this anime will fall in love with the amazing story that has led up to this very amazing fight. The battle of earth begins down there. Be sure toooooo prepare you are mind for the amazing story and graphekz in dis anime.

thumb|right|403px|The faggots favorite anime.